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STEPS of PA network is a FREE network with valuable discussions on health, safety & environmental issues within the commonwealth of Pennsylvania (USA).

Come keep PA SAFE through the STEPS of PA network … we need your help!


The STEPS of PA Network is a not-for-profit network of health, safety & environmental professionals aimed at assisting any and all service companies involved in the oil & gas industry throughout the PA region. These companies can be any companies involved in the Service, Transmission, Exploration & Productions activities within the state. There are no companies too large nor any companies too small to be involved in the STEPS of PA network as long as their goals are in line with our vision.

STEPS of PA has a very clear vision “Incident-Free Operations”. This simply means that we want to stress that ALL operations within the State of PA operate with the highest level of integrity.

Our goal is to ensure that all workers, contractors, visitors, regulatory bodies, communities in which we work as well as the environment where we operate are all protected at all times and that at the end of day everyone arrives back safe at home in the same condition they went to work in.

STEPS works closely with the various OSHA offices across the US and with all the state and local regulatory agencies. The latest OSHA guidelines for the Oid and Gas Extraction Industry are located here.


STEPS of PA Network is currently run via an Ad-Hoc Committee for 2012 and it is structured with a President, Secretary and an Executive Board consisting of representatives for all producers in the Marcellus region plus 2 representatives from the contractor cummunity.

President:Richard C. BrownNewfield Exploration Company
Secretary:William BurkettRange Resources

2014 Meeting Dates & Notes

STEPS of PA meets approximately every 2 months, generally at locations in central PA to accomodate attendees from the NE, Central, NW and SW regions of the state. Below is a list of the dates and locations of our meetings to date, along with the minutes and handouts from previous meetings.

Date Facility Location Theme Link to
01/29/14 Penn Stater State College, PA Updates - FMCSA, DEP, OSHA Notes

Previous Years' Meetings

Date Facility Location Theme Link to
11/09/11 Treesdale CC Gibsonia, PA    
01/15/12 DuBois CC DuBois, PA    
03/28/12 Central PA IS&T Pleasant Gap, PA   Notes
05/30/12 Penn Stater State College, PA   Notes
07/25/12 Traditions Shippenville, PA   Notes
09/26/12 Penn Stater State College, PA   Notes
12/12/12 Days Inn State College, PA   Notes
01/30/13 Days Inn State College, PA Confined Spaces Notes
03/27/13 Days Inn State College, PA Incident Investigation Notes
05/29/13 Ramada Inn State College, PA Summer & Electrical Safety Notes
07/24/13 Days Inn State College, PA Heavy Equipment Notes
10/02/13 Days Inn State College, PA Env. Mgt & Contractors Notes
12/04/13 Days Inn State College, PA Winter Safety Notes

Other Meetings and Conferences

Date Event Sponsor Location
06/13-14/13 Engaging Shale Gas Community Partners IUP Indiana, PA

National STEPS Network

Brief History: The original STEPS Network (South Texas Exploration and Production Safety Network) was formed in South Texas in October, 2003 in response to the OSHA Corpus Christi Area Office reaching out to the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production industry in an attempt to reduce injuries and fatalities. In 2004, an alliance was signed between the STEPS Network, Texas Worker’s Comp. Commission and OSHA.

In 2006, OSHA Region VI Regional Administrator recognized the STEPS Network as a best practice and encouraged his Area Directors and industry leaders to expand the program. Today the STEPS Network has grown to eight independent organizations across the country with expansion continuing. The first national STEPS Network meeting was held in Houston, Texas in December 2008. An ad-hoc committee was formed consisting of officers and executive committee members from each network. A second national meeting was held in December, 2009.

For more information, go to home page and explore the networks, or contact them via e-mail.

Vision Statement: “Incident-Free Operations”

Objective: The National STEPS Network promotes safety, health and environmental improvement in the exploration and production of oil and gas in US onshore operations. The National STEPS Network fosters a work environment that relies upon open communication and trust.

Scope: The National STEPS Network includes Operators and Contractors in the Oil and Gas Exploration, Production and Product Transmission industry as equally valued members. The STEPS Network encompasses the geographic region within the Continental United States.

Methods: The STEPS Network will:
  • Meet periodically to share and discuss safety, health and environmental incidents, best practices and related issues.

  • Establish focus groups to address specific issues.

  • Work with other organizations and associations, including but not limited to: OSHA, IADC, API, EPA., educational institutions and others interested in the advancement of worker health, safety, security and the environment.

Resources Required: Each member company's designated representatives will attend and participate in meetings, contributing knowledge, information and support.

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